Vote NO on C-Tran Light Rail Tax  

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This is the first of THREE TAX INCREASES that C-Tran wants!


If all three tax increases pass C-Tran’s sales tax take

will DOUBLE!  (from ½ cent to 1 cent)


And increase C-Tran’s share

of the local sales tax will increase from 29% to 42%

Image from page 2 of 20_Year_Plan_Fact_Sheet-January_2010b.pdf

Current sales tax information is from page 61 of C-TRAN_2010_CAFR.pdf

C-Tran’s scheme is to get the bus money first  in Nov 2011


     — then —

Come back for  light rail money in 2012


— then —

Ask for even more in a few years

If we don’t give them money now, they will have to come back for bus money instead of rail money because the Feds WILL NOT fund rail if the bus system is not fully funded.


Here is how the Columbian descried this (7-30-2011):


Here’s the crux: The feds, who will write the $850 million check to build light rail to Vancouver, require a healthy transit system to connect with those trains. If this November’s sales tax goes down, C-Tran could find itself talking about light rail while eliminating bus routes and making other cuts. That could put the second vote, and light rail’s funding plan with it, in question.