Vote NO on C-Tran Light Rail Tax  

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Statement against:

C-Tran has the means to provide to public transportation without raising taxes during this
period of economic hardship.

According to C-Tran's year-end 2010 Comprehensive Financial Report, C-Tran had nearly $50
million unrestricted assets that could be used for public transit services. C-Trans' assets exceed
their liabilities by almost $115 million. This is more than enough to provide transportation
services to Clark County residents. Also, they have successfully remained free of long-term debt
in both 2009, 2010. Therefore, there is no justification for raising taxes or reducing service levels
for C-Van, fixed routes, or other core bus services.

Although the C-Tran board passed a non-binding resolution stating this proposed tax increase
would not be used to bring Portland's light rail into Vancouver, the C-Tran board can change
their mind. (Remember: C-Tran board member Tim Leavitt, promised to oppose bridge tolls,
then changed his mind after being elected.)

C-Tran was directed to provide a light rail vote on this November 2011 ballot and failed to do
so. We cannot afford to raise taxes now, and we cannot afford for C-Tran to change their mind
again with an unfunded, expensive light rail project looming.

Before threatening more service cuts, staff reductions, wage freezes, or fare
increases, C-Tran needs to take a hard look at cost savings from core procedures. C-Tran
needs to do what so many of us are doing: set priorities, tighten up spending, and become
more efficient so existing services will be preserved, without raising taxes.

Reject Proposition 1. See:

Written by
Larry Patella
Debbie Peterson E-mail:
Thomas Hann