Vote NO on C-Tran Light Rail Tax  

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Here is how the Columbian descried this (7-30-2011):


Here’s the crux: The feds, who will write the $850 million check to build light rail to Vancouver, require a healthy transit system to connect with those trains. If this November’s sales tax goes down, C-Tran could find itself talking about light rail while eliminating bus routes and making other cuts. That could put the second vote, and light rail’s funding plan with it, in question.

Its All About Light Rail - Federal Money
In general the Federal Government WILL  NOT finance light rail if the local bus agency cannot properly fund its bus system and demonstrate that it has the funding to operate the light rail.

If we don’t give them money now, they will have to come back for bus money instead of rail money. If they NEVER get bus money, they won’t be able to get rail money!
Its All About Light Rail - Supporters of Prop 1
Who really supports this tax - the endorsers, or those who contribute real money to pass this tax?
The real supporters of this tax are those who put their money into the campaign to pass this tax. A quick look at the list of big money supporters shows that most supporters expect to make money, BIG money, from light rail and they recognize that they must pass this tax increase to get their hands on the pot of gold that is light rail.
Its All About Light Rail - C-Tran’s phoney resolution.
The C-Tran board passed a resolution that sounds like it will prevent this money going to light rail. BUT: 1) The board can repeal it at any time and 2) It expires in a year!
At the August 2011 board meeting, the C-Tran board voted to approve the Columbia River Crossing project, including light rail and bridge tolls. The board did this when they give their executive director authority to sign the current version of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) which includes bridge tolls and light rail.
Its All About Light Rail - C-Tran Board voted for light rail & tolls

These board members voted YES:

Larry Smith

Bart Hansen

Tim Leavitt

Steve Stuart

Linda Dietzman

Jim Irish

Bill Ganley


Chairman (does not vote except to break ties): Marc Boldt
Absent:  Tom.Mielke

Download and view video of the actual vote (3.6 meg - will take a while to download before video appears)
Its All About Light Rail - light rail information
Light rail is part of a movement to reorder society towards the high density cities, less home ownership, smaller lots, higher cost of  living, narrower streets, longer commute times, less driving, more walking & biking. These sources have more information:
Transit expenditures have risen at an inflation adjusted rate 15 times that of the increase in ridership
The cost per point of public transport market share in the United States is 3.5 times that of Western Europe
Site specializes in urban planning and land use, with data and analysis generally critical of so-called "smart growth."
The costs per new rider of all but one of the more than 25 proposed new US light rail and metro systems exceeds the cost of leasing a car in perpetuity.