Vote NO on C-Tran Light Rail Tax  

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This $9 million tax is the first of THREE C-Tran TAX INCREASES! They are coming back for more next year and still more later.  If all three tax increases pass C-Tran’s sales tax take will DOUBLE!







The real supporters of this tax are land developers, and light rail profiteers. (This proves that this election is really about light rail, not the bus service!) If this tax fails, light rail is unlikely to happen.  


C-Tran is planning some of this money for empire building:

Taking over whole lanes of traffic for buses, on several area streets.

Taking over many traffic signals to give buses priority over cars.

Planning for street cars, light rail, forcing more density in neighborhoods, and making driving more difficult.


C-Tran Doesn’t need this tax increase.  C-Tran had nearly $50 million in assets that could be used for public transit services and for the needy. Instead they are planning to spend money for empire building.  Therefore,  there is no justification for raising taxes or reducing service.



C-Tran is still giving pay raises, as the rest of us suffer cutbacks.  


C-Tran needs to do what so many of us are doing:   set priorities, tighten up spending, and become more efficient so existing services will be preserved, without raising taxes.


C-Tran can use this tax to fund Portland’s light rail. C-Tran claims they won’t, but  could change its mind - like C-Tran board member Tim Leavitt changed his mind after being elected.



Expect a long series of tax increases. C-Tran only charges its bus riders 24% of their actual cost.


C-Tran is so inefficient that owning a car costs less than C-Tran’s cost