Vote NO on C-Tran Light Rail Tax  

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does not receive a simple majority

vote, the Service Reduction

Plan, previously approved by the

C-TRAN Board of Directors, is

scheduled to go into effect September

25, 2005. This plan consists

of a 40 percent reduction in

service and is necessary in order

to balance C-TRAN’s existing revenue

with the service it provides.


The following is a summary of the

Service Reduction Plan:


• No service outside of the Vancouver

Urban Growth Boundary;


• All remaining service limited to

Monday through Friday (weekend

service is eliminated);


• Total annual service hours cut

from 356,081 to 215,338; and


• C-VAN paratransit service will

include the Vancouver Urban

Growth Boundary only.

C-Tran mades the same threats in 2005 - they didn’t happen